We “Calcutta Musical Depot” are in this business from 1930. We have some business strategies to serve you better. Our research & development teams are trying to find the better way of musical instruments. We are trying to set Indian Music into the world. We want to keep the Indian culture through the music — ” The Musical Instruments ” .


We are looking: How customers behave with each other- Your responses to energy use, community involvement, absence, work ethic, etc- Our behavior with you- How we behaves to our employees~ training, professional development, etc.


May be reflected in: Attitude and behavior of the leadership- Present image attitude to change- Logo of us- The image it presents to the outside world- Attitude to the role of individuals in the workplace ~ open plan offices, team based working, etc.


Futures Thinking- We are thinking about what our business might need to do 10-20 years ahead.

Strategic Intents- We are thinking about key strategic themes that will inform decision making.

The Vision: Communicating to all staff for the future- Allows us to set goals.

Aims and Objectives: Aims ~ Long term target- Objectives ~ The way in which we are going to achieve the aim.

Strength: Our main strengths is our customers.

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