Shri Deboprasad Dey


Shri Deboprasad Dey:


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Deboprasad Dey is a famous name as Harmonium & Esraj player. He was born in Kolkata, and started his career as Harmonium & Esraj player.He is one of the greatest Harmonium & Esraj player of Kolkata. For his melodious playing capacity he is a popular player in Bengali Films.

He is a senior artist of Akashbani and Duradarshan since very early age.


Recording Day Story:


At the recording, Deboprasad Dey, a veteran esraj player on Rabindrasangeet records, is struggling – he is expected to play a distinct solo that doesn’t imitate ‘Heartdance’s’ (based on a popular Tagore song, ‘Mama Chitthe’) melodic line while being in sync with an African tribal rhythmic pattern designed by Bose. “You can’t blame him [Dey] for he is used to playing Rabindrasangeet differently,” says Ashish Das, the keyboardist at the recording who remembers organisers turning him away from a Rabindrasangeet concert once for bringing a keyboard along. “Isheeta, you’ll be far away in America while we’ll have to face the music here,” Bose quips as the tribal rhythm plays out from the studio’s speakers. “I think Tagore was more contemporary than all of us,” he adds. “He was influenced by European music and his compositions had scope for harmonic structures. That is why I haven’t tampered with the songs, merely designed around them. For some, the album might seem apocalyptic, but as musicians we have to do what we have to do.”


He wrote some lines for us on 10th January, 2005:


Translated English Testimonial: Kishore Da’s harmonium is impeccable. The touch of it makes you want to sing. The music fills the mind.

Deboprasad Dey.

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