Do you deliver International?

Yes we do deliver worldwide.

Is there any customs import charges for International Shipments?

Yes your country customs can charge some import duties though we pay GSP, but the cusoms can charge, the buyer need to bear the Import Duty.

How Can I change Currency?

The default currency is US$, you can change it to Rs. (Indian Currency for Indian Customers) from SHOP> Currency Switcher (Left Side)> Rs.

Can I place the order online and get your products at my home?

Yes absolutely you can get all products to your door, and all prices are including shipping/packing/insurance charges.

Is "ccAvenue" safe for online payment?

Yes "ccAvenue" is completely safe for online transactions. The site is verified by "VeriSign" authority.

Can I order from India and Deliver International?

Yes you can do that for that, please select USD$ option for payment as USD$ option fulfil International Shipping.

Can I customise my Instrument?

Yes we do make customise instrument such as put your name, or any new fully customise instruments.

If your product got damaged while shipping what will I do?

You need to claim to carrier first, for more details read Shipping Policy.

Can I get refund, if the product got damaged?

No we don't provide refunds, we can replace the product in such condition after getting confirmation from our carrier.

Are your products in international pitch?

Yes all our products are in international pitch, tested. i.e. A = 440 Hz.

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