Late Banasree Sengupta


Late Banasree Sengupta: 1946 − 19 February 2017


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Banasree Sengupta born at Chinsura, Hooghly, West Bengal and brought up in a musicians family. Father late Sailendranath Roy, was a talented classical singer and trainer, who trained his beloved talented daughter from his very girlhood. Latered she was trained up perfectly by Shree Rajen Bannerjee, a genious trainer of the District.


She came to Calcutta after marriage with Santi Sengupta. Since then she was trained by famous Music Director and trainer Shree Sudhin Dasgupta for about twenty years. His wonderful training made Banasree nearly a good singer. She was also trained in various branches of Music by Sarbashri Prabir Majumdar, Neeta Sen, Sagiruddin Khan, Usha Ranja Mukherjee, Sailen Banerjee, Dinendra Chowdhury, Santosh Sengupta, and Kamal Ganguly.


Banasree is a senior artist of Akashbani and Duradarshan since very early age. She is a senior singer of H. M .V. (Seragama HMV) since 1966 and recorded hundreds of popular songs for the company. Her songs (1) Aaj Bikeler Dake Tomar Chhithi Pelam…. (2) Dur Akashay Tomar Sur …. (3) Chhi Chhi Eki Kando Korechi …. (4) Hira Fely kanch… (5) Amar Andhar Gharer Pradip… (6) Amar Angey Jaley rangmoshal … (7) Ek Din Seidin … (8) Chander Ato Alo…(9) Sundar Boney Sundari Gachh are nostalgic and very popular songs.


For her melodious voice she is a popular playback singer of Bengali Films. Her songs in Hindi Films. “Dulhan Ohi Jo Pia Man Bhaye” is a very popular song in India. She also lent her voice for Assamese, Oriya and Bhojpuri films. Her songs in films Viz.Harmonium, Archana, Naginati, Roudra Chhaya, Ashirbad, Nimantran, Chhandanir, Chinnaoatra, Priyajan, Anjali etc etc. become popular.


She also recorded also for 20 TV Serials and a few Telefilms. She was the Background singer of about 80 Bengali Commercial Dramas and group theater dramas.


She wrote some lines for us on 12th December, 2001:


Translated English Testimonial: Sri Kishore Roy, the proprietor of Calcutta Musical Depot is a very skilled harmonium manufacturer. It gives me immense pleasure to play his harmonium. His harmoniums are very melodious. His TUNING is impeccable. Undoubtedly, it can be said that he is one of the best harmonium manufacturers of Kolkata. He brings back the memories of Late Putu Biswas. I wish Mr. Kishore prosperity and success.

Banasree Sengupta, 12th December’ 2001.

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